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A very special evening for us, as we get to see all the young people who achieved their Bronze Arts Award presented with their certificates, their CD and DVD. From CHAT, Shayce Opal and the UnCzech'd performed live and Reuben Abraham premièred the film he made with the East By North East Project, run by the amazing GemArts


The UnCzech'd and Shayce Opal performed as part of the BBC's Hadrian's Wall of Sound Event on 5th June - the guys have been working hard on a new track written especially for the event called 'Walls'.



Our young people create a colourful welcome mural for the Nuns Moor Park community garden on the side of a storage container. The word welcome is written in a number of languages spoken by people who live locally.



15 young people passed their Bronze Arts Award on Friday 27th March



Our first documentary video "Let's Talk: Living in the West-End" is complete and will go live on YouTube in the not too distant future. Our consultation video "Let's Talk: Park Life" is in the editing phase and will is also due for release in the near future.

East by North East, our project with GemArts, resumes on Friday 3rd October from 5pm - 8pm - we are planning on having up to eight young people complete their Bronze Arts Award and one their Gold Arts Award

Congratulations to Clive Nembhard, Marcio Lima and Senai Eskias who achieved their Bronze Bike mechanics award. 


We have a new Video team run by volunteers Nafaa Menouar and Cameron Craggs. We have plans to start recording new music videos in the next few weeks.



We have added a fourth Stream to The BASE, Outdoor. This will allow us to develop our work with Sustrans, Greening Wingrove, Mosaic and Northumberland Clubs for Young People. We are looking to introduce the John Muir Award at some point in 2015. 



We had a very busy summer, attendances of between 30 - 40 during each open session. We had a Keyfund Stage 2 activity - Quad Biking at Quads4All that we would highly recommend. A fantastic way to spend an hour. Creative Ginger ran a Street Art workshop with a Keyfund Stage 1 group making art canvases. The results are stunning. We held 2 live cyphers as part of the Streetwise Unity Project that were really well attended. We worked with FAR and opened on Friday evenings. Our 2 videos, Lets Talk: Living in the West End and Lets Talk: Park Life,  are in the editing phase. All in all it was fun.



The Base's Summer programme is up and running. We are working on a couple of videos this summer, introducing the Unity Sound System Project, preparing a Keyfund Stage 2 and confirming plans for the autumn.  


The Project has re-opened today and it is business as usual. 



Owing to a sudden bereavement the Project is currently closed. 



A vacancy for a Music and Arts Youth Support Worker is now being advertised. Please find the Job Description (pdf) here for details. An Application Form (pdf) is also available to download. 



CHAT Trust: The BASE now has an in situ KeyFund Facilitator, Skills to Succeed Facilitator  and an Arts Award Bronze & Silver Adviser. This will enable us to offer more opportunities to the young people we work with.



Talented Local wows judges at TeenStar auditions! 



 Karlene Thomas aka Kayaz from Newcastle Upon Tyne has been given the big thumbs up by judges at the TeenStar auditions. Along with other impressive acts, Kayaz has made it through to the Regional Finals of the UK's only singing competition specifically for teens and pre-teens, and will now be performing live showcases of the competition. For more details, download the full press release by clicking here.



Tonight we will begin hosting our first East by North East Youth Music Project sessions. This is a project run by GemArts funded by Youth Music. 12 members of The BASE will be working with talented musicians Raj Pannu and Pawel Jedrzejewski to develop their music skills. It should prove interesting to see what direction our young people take their sessions in.



Members of CHAT Trust: The BASE have been working with Stephen and Artur from Fenham Association of Residents (FAR) on a KeyFund application. Our young people identified that they would like to do some personal aerosol art. They put together a bid and did a presentation to the KeyFund panel on Wednesday 26th February. They were delighted when the panel told them they had been successful. They are meeting with artist Andy Morley from Creative Ginger in the very near future to arrange a date to do their project.



Congratulations to Senai Eskias, Shofi Islam, Marcio Lima, Clive Nembhard on achieving the Arts Award Bronze. Thanks to Alex Marsden & Vikas Kumar (GemArts), Andy Morley (Creative Ginger), Nunsmoor Centre Trust and the Nunsmoor Centre for investing in our young people and making it happen. Hopefully these will be the first of many such awards.



Our latest newsletter is now available for download. We are grateful to Anjum who put most of it together during her work placement. 

We are also pleased that Karlene aka 'Kayaz' has received recognition for her music video that she made whilst on work placement with us - a clothing company has offered her sponsorship. 

Elsewhere the group working with GemArts, Creative Ginger and the Nunsmoor Centre are half way through the issue based display that they are working on for Chillingham Road Metro.



We are currently running a summer programme at The BASE. As part of our activities we have teamed up with the Nunsmoor Centre and GemArts to work on a couple of aerosol arts projects. There are three aspects to the project 1) boards for our building, 2) an issue based display at Chillingham Road Metro and 3) decorating the lockups at the Nunsmoor Centre. Photographs will be added to The BASE when finished. 



We have a lot to celebrate at the moment:

  1. Congratulations to Youth Support Worker Louis Thomas on the birth of his daughter Harliann Louise who was born on 18/07/13.
  2. Congratulations to our ESOL Tutor Sharon Oversby who has successfully completed her PGCE qualification.
  3. Congratulations to one of our young rappers Kayaz who won the 'Bring the Beat' competition held at Excelsior Academy on 25/07/13 





Following the receipt of funding from the TudorTrust and Llodys TSB Foundation our Development Officer will be in post for the next 3 years. This is brillaint news as it gives us a degree of stability to help us maintain and develop our current projects.

Through a grant from the Community Foundation we have purchased a bespoke editing package for use by our young people. This will compliment the specialist music equipment we have available and expand the specialist Arts skills that our young people are able to acquire. 



We have a young person with us on work experience this week. Anjum Rahman is working as a voluntary Admin Officer and is proving to be a complete asset. 



Following receipt of funding from the Church and Community Fund we have appointed 2 part time Youth Support Workers to CHAT Trust: The BASE. Louis Thomas and Daniel Williams will start working for CHAT in January 2013.

Following receipt of funding from the European Social Fund, West Riverside Sure Start and Nunsmoor Centre Trust we will be running 3 Conversation Classes for Women in January 2013. Classes 1 and 2 will run for 10 weeks and Class 3 for the equivalent of 12 weeks.


Since we got the camera capable of making high quality videos, we have had a steady flow of requests for them. Currently, we have several CHAT Trust: The BASE videos out there, all recorded and edited by Daniel under the handle of Jensen. GG requested our first video, followed by a couple of videos for The Brainfeeders. Most recently, we released a video for Lil Trick Souldja. The feedback has been positive and we're learning new things all the time.


In accordance with the wishes of our youth participants, CHAT Trust: The BASE has acquired a camera and accessories capable of producing high quality videos. This is an excellent development for the Creative Stream as it means we can now offer film and video making opportunities for young people who aspire to be fim makers. In addition it means that for all our aspiring rappers and singers we have a means of helping them make their first promotional videos at no cost. Exciting. Now all we need are the resources to create a high specification editing suite.


We have now completed stage 1 of our transformation to the ground floor of our building. Thanks to a grant from the Sherburn House Charity we now have a base for The BASE which will also function as a private meeting space or training venue. In addition the kitchen has been downsized but with a judicious use of space is more than adequate for the needs of the buildings users. We still have to have a painting session to complete the transformation but that will happen in the next 3 to 4 weeks.



Thanks to Carillion and a personal gift CHAT Trust: The BASE has its new console plus a range of games. We held a FIFA tournament which was great fun and Mondays at The BASE are a great place to be with pizza, hot chocolate and internet.

Two of our in-house rappers are in the final stages of preparing their first releases; 'Rex Regis' and 'GG' are working with 'Keep The Faith' to compile their mix-tapes and both will be available to purchase from the artists soon.




We are currently booking for the next 2 Women's English Conversation Classes which will start in January 2012. For further details, please contact Development Officer Caroline Emmerson on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (0191) 226 0086.

From January members of our youth project, CHAT Trust: The BASE, will be able to make bookings for homework and revision sessions. You will be able to have access to the internet and youth support workers will be on hand to assist if needed. Please speak to Caroline if you are interested using the contact details above, via Facebook or in person.



Update on CHAT Trust: The BASE development. We have secured half the funding needed to change the ground floor of CHAT for the BASE's Social Stream so we are having to apply for more funding. We were unsuccessful with our application for the games consul but we will be trying again and hopefully everything will be in place early next year.


There is currently a session open on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 13:00 for the creative stream. If you are interested in joining this session, please contact us on (0191) 226 0086 and ask for Caroline or Daniel



Rex Regis Live Tonight!!! Click here to listen in live! Rex Regis, Conscript and Twizzy live sets and interviews.
9-11pm Tonight!



It's been a busy month at CHAT. First off, the Social Stream of The BASE has been opening every Thursday at 5:30 until 8:30 utilising the ground floor as well as the first floor. The attendances are quite outstanding."It's been a long road, but he's here now." "Newcastle has a new hero and he's here now." Rex Regis has released his official music video for his song, The Journey, which can be viewed on his Youtube channel and by clicking here. It also includes a free download link for the song, so be sure to go and check it out!

On Thursday the 18th of August, Niall Head-Rapson, the North Easts leading authority on intellectual property, came to CHAT to do a presentation for our young people on copyright. The evening was an opportunity for our young people to ask any questions they had to do with anything they do within the Creative Stream, such as what material they can and can't use and how to protect what belongs to them.

Our Project Support Worker, Daniel Williams, underwent Logic 101 training at The Northen School of Sound in order to learn how to use the program and troubleshoot it if anything went wrong. Thanks to the excellent teaching from Dee Dowling, Daniel is now a Apple Certified Pro after passing his exam.

The BASE Creative Stream has started a Film Project with Edwin and Michael who have funding to do video making with young people aged 16+, from pre production all the way through to post production. All the young people included will end up with a high quality video/film along with a AS level certificate provided they complete the project.



It's video making season at CHAT with many people involved in our newest project, The BASE, becoming more interested in making their own videos. It's refreshing to see young talent grow right before us as they try out new ways to express their creativity.

Juice Macky has grown by leaps and bounds, learning how to use the Logic software to create and master tracks, making his own video's and even becoming a volunteer! His personal Youtube channel has his current tracks, so please click here and take a look. 

Next up is KayDOT who recently joined us. He's taken to the project like a duck to water and has entered a competition called "Final Verse 2011". Click here to see his submission and show your support by liking it.

If you've been paying attention, you will have heard of Rex Regis. His new album "Faithful" is set for release and he's even recording videos for some of his tracks. Click here to keep an eye on his Youtube channel. 



The WEA are going to be running a Stress Buster Class based at CHAT. The Class will be for 5 weeks starting on Tuesday 14th June at 1.00pm. Each Class will last for 2 hours. Lois Palmer will be the tutor and the Class will cover:

  • Theory: Understanding Stress, positives and negatives, what stress can lead to
  • Practical: Breathing Exercises, Indian Head massage, Head and shoulder massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology

As it is a WEA Class people in receipt of benefits including Working Tax Credit attend free of charge for all others charges will apply. To register and for more information please contact CHAT Trust.



Congratulations to Fatema and family on the birth of Usman who arrived on Saturday evening 21/05/11. I am happy to report that both mum and baby are doing well.



A member of the Youth Music Project has successfully started his week of Work Experience with us. His end goal is to learn to use the equipment and software efficiently and learn more about the music industry.

Hard at work at the studio computer, our volunteer, Carl Nielsen, is teaching him how to use the software and equipment to create his own original tracks. We have high hopes that he will grow more confident in his musical abilities and in himself.


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